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Canaries Are Quiet Companions

by Edgar Gonzalez
Canaries Are Quiet Companions

Known in such bright colors as orange, red and yellow, the canary is one of the most popular pet birds for hundreds of years.  The species has been bred in more than 200 versions with each breed known for a different skill or appearance.  Other recognizable birds in the breed are the red-factor and song canaries.  In the 1800s and early 1900s they were used in coal mines as detectors of noxious gas.  Now the canary is not as popular as the parrot mostly because the parrot can be touched.

The bird is considered a small one with a lifespan of about 10 years with a beautiful whistle.  They do not like to be touched by their owner’s but that does not affect their popularity.  The bird is native to the islands that bare its name, the Canary Islands, off the west coast of northern Africa, right off Morocco.  In the 1500s Europeans began to import them on the strength and beauty of their song.

It is known for its solitary nature, only wanting to socialize in the breeding season.   It is recommended if you have multiple canaries in your home, to cage them separately.  The bird is very territorial and do not like to live with each other.

As mentioned before, the canary is best known for its song and beauty.  So much so the bird can be bred to sing a specific song with canary song competitions held through tout the world.  As far as the color, some owners go as far as feeding their bird specific food to enhance some colors in their plumage.

The longest and sweetest song belongs to the male version of the species at about six months of maturity.  Hens, or female canaries, can also sing but not as well or often.

by Edgar Gonzalez

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