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Finches are a popular variety of pet bird

by Edgar Gonzalez
Finches are a popular variety of pet bird

If you want an easy pet with feathers, then the finch is the bird for you.  Finches are not vocal and are hands-off but many people around the world enjoy them for their flying ability and their social ways with one another.  They are known to be multi-colored, small in size and live up to 10 years.

There are different variations of the finch including the Gouldian, the owl and zebra finch.  They are not parrots but passerines which are referred as “perching birds”.  They are happy when living with other finches in a nice sized flight cage or aviary.  They do not like to be touched but there is some variations like the zebra finch that when hand-raised it might be inclined to perch on its owner’s finger.

The most common pet finch is part of the estrildid family of finches and are native to Australia.

Finches wings should not be trimmed and a horizontal cage is needed instead of a vertical one.  They are flock birds that like to live with each other but not with other species of birds.  They tend to reproduce also when housed together.  You can house same-sex finches to avoid the reproduction.

They do not screech like parrots and are perfect bird pets for people that don’t enjoy noise or live in close proximity to their neighbors.  They do emit some sounds but are very minimal and mostly by the males.

Finches like to eat pellets along with fresh greens, vegetables, grubs and some seed.

by Edgar Gonzalez

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