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The Famous Scarlet Macaw

by Edgar Gonzalez
The Famous Scarlet Macaw

One thing the scarlet macaw is known for is being full of personality, energy and intelligence.  Its primary colors are blue, red and yellow and is considered a large bird with a lifespan of over 30 years. 

It is very social and is known as a great communicator.  Other birds in the family are the “regular” macaw, the blue-and-gold macaw, green-winged macaw, Hahn’s macaw and the Hyacinth macaw.  The scarlet macaws are sometimes mistaken for green-winged macaws because of their similar red coloring but the scarlet has a bare facial patch and yellow on their wing feathers instead of green.

The scarlet macaw is the national bird of Honduras while it has the largest range of all macaws from eastern Mexico through Central America throughout the Amazon rainforest.  Some followers of the species separate them in three groups, Mexican, Central and South American.  The Mexican scarlet macaw has less yellow and is smaller than the others while the South American is a little larger and a bit more yellow on the wing.  The Central American scarlet is the most stunning of the three versions with a wide band of yellow on the wing.   

Known for its flashy appearance the scarlet macaw is one of the most popular birds to expert pet owners and also beginners.  Although not a recommended bird for the first-time pet owner, many still take the risk because of the beautiful plumage of the scarlet macaw as well as its personality.

As imagined, the scarlet macaw needs a large environment to be able to thrive.  If the cage is too small for your pet, the bird will suffer.  The scarlet macaw is known for hurting itself if it is too confined.  Not only does the scarlet macaw need a large cage but also sufficient time outside the cage.  As an active bird it also needs a good number of toys as well as the opportunity to chew.  Since in the wild scarlet macaws roam in groups, a lone bird as a pet might get lonely. This bird needs a good amount of attention and interaction which without it can lead to the bird becoming bored leading to excessive noise, plucking of feathers and biting. 

The scarlet macaw is considered a highly intelligent bird with a lot of energy and personality.  It is easily trained and can learn tricks if done right.  It is known for a strong beak so it might not be recommended for a household with kids since their bite is a considerable one. 

The bird is not known as a talker.  It can learn a few words and phrases although it is known it actually screams more than talks.  This is not the pet for somebody that lives in close proximity with their neighbors.      

by Edgar Gonzalez

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