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The Parrotlet

by Edgar Gonzalez
The Parrotlet

Despite its small size, the Parrotlet makes it up in personality.  The tiny bird is known to be bold and assertive but also it is considered a quick learner.  Their primary colors are blue, green and yellow with a lifespan of about 20 years.  Other birds in the family are the Pacific Parrotlet and they are considered the smallest of the New World parrots.

Many bird connoisseurs state the bird look like little green parakeets but they do not share the same temperament. They are actually slightly smaller than the parakeets.  Although there are many species of the Parrotlet, only two are found widely in the pet world, the Pacific Parrotlet and the green-rumped Parrotlet.

The Blue-winged, the Mexican, the Spectacled and the yellow-faced Parrotlet exist but those species must be searched for with breeders who focus on those species.

The Pacific Parrotlet is considered one of the most popular small birds in the United States.  Originating in Mexico, Central and South America, they are often compared to the Amazon parrot.  With stout bodies and a boisterous personality, they do tend to resemble their larger cousins.  The male is green with blue behind the eye and blue on the back.  Females do not have the blue coloring and some may have a bit of blue behind the eye.

The Green-rumped Parrotlet is the smallest of the species.  Like the Pacific, the male has blue on its wings while the female does not.  They are known to be a bit friendlier than the Pacific but do they longer to get used to their new home.  The Green-rumpled Parrotlet is considered to be the easier bird to raise if you are a new bird pet owner.

Even though they are small birds, it doesn’t mean they are content with a small cage.  They need a large cage with narrow bar spacing.  They are active pets that need toys to keep them busy.

Their diet should consist of a pellet-based diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Parrotlets can be kept either single or as pairs.  Some experienced bird pet owners have also kept them in small flocks in large aviaries but they tend not to get along with other species.

The Parrotlet can learn to mimic sounds but they are not considered the best talkers.  Some can learn a few words but they are not known for that. They aren’t considered noisy birds so they can be kept in an apartment or in close proximity to neighbors. 

by Edgar Gonzalez

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