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The Sun-Conure Parakeet

by Felipe Leon
The Sun-Conure Parakeet

The sun conure, also known as the sun parakeet, is one of the most sought after of their species because of their beautiful plumage, friendly disposition and its effectiveness as a pet.  The bird is known to be vocal and expressive which can be loud at times as well as for being playful. 

They are not a good starter bird for the first avian pet owner since they need constant training, daily interaction and socialization.  The sun conure can live up to 20 years and its primary colors are orange and yellow with some green.  Other conures in the species are the blue-crowned, the green-cheeked and jenday among others.

The sun conure is native to South America, mainly Venezuela, Northern Brazil and Guyana.  It is found in the tropical forests of those countries among fruiting trees and palm groves. 

Although both male and female are exactly the same in plumage, female conures tend to have shorter tails and rounder slightly smaller heads than the males.  Sun conures have black beaks and feet with white patches around their eyes.    

Young sun conures begin their lives primarily green with their orange feathers coming in as they mature.  They love to be outside their cage and does not like to be left alone.  The sun conure is very playful and they can easily be trained.  It is considered affectionate and deeply loyal to their owner.  It is considered a great pet and especially with families.

Although the considered the loudest of the conures, the sun conures are known to scream.  As comparison, the sun conure is not any louder than a canary but the timbre of their voice is different with their cry high-pitched.  They tend to have their quiet and loud times throughout the day.  One thing about the sun conure is not known as a big talker but it can learn a limited amount of words.  They are known to be able to mimic an array of sounds like doorbells, microwave buzzers and telephone rings.   

In the wild sun conures mostly eat fruit, nuts and seeds.  With a balanced diet, exercise and attention can live up to 15 to 25 years.  As pets the sun conure enjoys a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.  As a treat you can prepare a slightly steamed sweet potato.  They are known for feather picking which can be caused by boredom or appropriate mental stimulation.   

by Felipe Leon

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