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The White-Bellied Caique

by Edgar Gonzalez
The White-Bellied Caique

One word used to describe the caique species in general is clown.  The white-bellied caique is a beautiful bird full of mischievous energy, social, affectionate and cuddly.  Considered a small-sized bird which can live for up to 30 to 40 years. Also known as the white-bellied parrot, white-breasted parrot and green-thighed parrot, this sub-species primary colors are white and green with yellow details and is comparable to the sun conure and umbrella cockatoo.

The proper way to pronounce caique is “kai-ke”.

The white-bellied caique is found in South America mainly centered in northern Brazil near the Amazon.  Some have also been seen in Bolivia and Peru.  They live in humid, tropical forests nesting high within the trees.  In the wild there are endangered with their population rapidly decreasing because of deforestation as well as hunting and poaching.

Male and female are exactly the same with a genetical test needed to tell apart.    

They are not considered big talkers relying most of the time on their natural calls.  It doesn’t matter their mood, happy, frightened or looking for attention, they let out high-pitched calls with other sounds including whistles.  Their sounds are not as loud as other birds so they can be housed near close neighbors.  Some caiques can learn to talk but it will not be as close as their more talkative cousins. 

One of the most telling features of the white-bellied caiques, along with other caiques, is their ruffled feathers in the chest area.  Their head features two colors with the top a light orange and the lower half and cheeks a bright yellow.  The wings, thighs and back are a bright green while their chest and belly are white.  Younger birds tend to have darker colors with the brighter shades coming out with age. 

White-bellied caiques love seeds like millet and sunflower while also enjoying fresh fruit and green vegetables.  They also need plenty of room since they love to exercise.  A dedicated owner might consider building an aviary since the bird cannot survive in a small cage.  They love to move around, explore, play and learn new tricks. They need plenty of toys or else they will find their own around the house.  They love to be petted and scratched. 

Although the white-bellied caique is a wonderful and playful pet, it is not perfect.  They can be very stubborn and are known to not get along with other birds in the household.  You have to keep an eye on the bird since they love to explore while outside of the cage and might get themselves in some trouble like in a hard to get place or stuck. 

by Edgar Gonzalez

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